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Timeline: Nine Rings of Vos 1/2

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Timeline: Nine Rings of Vos 1/2

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Cute Cons
Title: Nine Rings of Vos
A Transformers G1 Fanfic
Author: Sanjuno Shori Niko

Series Summary: The Seekers have a plan, one that spans the entire length of the war, and is only now coming to fruition. Soundwave and the Cassettacons get caught up in the plot, and somehow cannot find it in their sparks to regret any of it. As for the Autobot and Decepticon factions, well, they are all just really, really confused.


Glossary of Terms: The Cybertronian to English Dictionary

Nine Rings of Vos: Oppression
Arc Summary: The prejudice against War Builds is endemic and widespread, the Prime is nothing but a figurehead used to advance the Senate’s agenda, and the Energy Mines are producing less and less energon with every vorn that passes. Cybertron is corrupt and stagnant, and the Seekers pray for a sign. It is into this reality that some very special sparks are kindled.

In which the government is more than slightly cruel.
In which Cardinal makes a pilgrimage.
In which Interceptor is propositioned.
In which we have issues.
In which a Seeker is sold.
In which there is Rejection.
In which Interceptor says Goodbye.
In which Interceptor leaves Vos.
In which there are Good Intentions (Authored by zatnik
In which Faberge is cracked.
In which Thundercracker meets Skywarp.
In which Jazz meets Prowl.
In which Jazz finds out about Prowl's glitch.
In which Jazz meets Interceptor.
In which Prowl ponders about Jazz.
In which Bullseye and Meanstreak make their choice. (Authored by katsuko)
In which tiny seekerling is tiny... really tiny! (Authored by katsuko)
In which Skids makes a discovery.
In which Meanstreak plots.
In which life is pretty damned good. (Authored by katsuko)
In which Starscream is being courted!
In which Starscream is still being courted!
In which poor Twister is left to twist in the wind.
In which the Winglord trine is identified.
In which the Trine is told that they are the new Winglords.
In which the Trine becomes the new Winglords.
In which data technician Tabula becomes aware of the truth. (Authored by magni_zeal)
In which Tabula does what she must to help. (Authored by magni_zeal)
In which Reflector reminds Tabula to always use protection. (Authored by magni_zeal)
In which someone gets unlucky. (Authored by magni_zeal)

Nine Rings of Vos: Rebellion
Arc Summary: Starscream, Thundercracker and Skywarp have formed their Trine and risen to take their place as the Winglords of Vos. Through cunning, guile, and a fantastic manipulation of public opinion, they enact the first stages of a gambit that will see the Seekers rule the Cybertronian skies as is their sparkright.

In which Soundwave joins the Decepticons.
In which Starscream finds it hard to find good help.
In which the Battlechargers are adopted.
In which Interceptor prays.
In which Soundwave makes a sparkling.
In which the bitlet-making fractal is tested for the first time.
In which there is good news.
In which Starscream has the best wingmates ever.
In which things are upsetting.
In which there is panic to be dealt with.
In which Glitterblind is at work.
In which Prowl is emotionally stunted.
In which there is a trap.
In which Interceptor passes on the torch.
In which there are memories and mourning and promises made to be kept.
In which an Outsider youngling is adopted by a trine.
In which Prowl mourns.
In which Ratchet deals with some issues.
In which Ratchet complains.
In which Bulwark deals badly with Cardinal.
In which Megatron shows off his people skills.
In which the Seekers have a cunning plan.
In which a new breed of Seeker is created.
In which someone probably spiked the punch.
In which Cardinal is far too Zen about... everything.
In which Unexpected things happen. Part 0.1 Part 1.0 Part 2.0 Part 3.0 (Authored by flowingfrost)

Nine Rings of Vos: War
Arc Summary: The Seekers of Vos have joined the Decepticon Cause, for all the good it will do, but until the Senate is destroyed and the Council of Elders removed from power... the Seekerkin have no other option. Their people are dying by increments and unless the Winglord’s commit everything to a desperate gamble Vos will fall... and never rise again.

In which the War begins.
In which Starscream just says no.
In which Destiny happens even to the best of us.
In which farewells are made.
In which the Prime is found.
In which a Prime and a Seeker meet.
In which Cliffjumper is amused and Meanstreak is torqued off. (Authored by katsuko)
In which Bullseye and Meanstreak arrive in Vos.
In which Bullseye makes a call.
In which Reflector is a bit panicky. (Authored by magni_zeal)
In which Slipstream finally gets what she wants.
In which Airwave meets Starscream.
In which Hound finds his trine.
In which Mirage waxes eloquent.
In which there is trauma for Trailbreaker.
In which Jetfire meets Sunstorm.
In which Tabula is contemplative. (Authored by magni_zeal)
In which Optimus is sad.
In which Jazz is smug.
In which Barricade and Cardinal talk.
In which Sunstorm meets Starscream and Slipstream.
In which Bluestreak starts talking.
In which Starscream is bored.
In which Starscream goes 'WTF?'

Nine Rings of Vos: Earth
Arc Summary: The Ark and the Nemesis are lost in deep space, their crews fallen into stasis for 4 million Terran stellar cycles. Without a source of fresh energy, Cybertron goes into a planet-wide shutdown that lasts for 47961.63 vorn, until the revival of the lost ships and their crews brings fresh energy to the failing planet and renews the war efforts of both factions.

In which the signal is lost.
In which someone that is missing is not forgotten. (Authored by katsuko)
In which Hound is rather melancholy.
In which Prowl is a special snowflake, but Jazz loves him anyway.
In which Thundercracker disapproves of this whole Skyfire thing.
In which Cliffjumper apologizes.
In which Cliffjumper reflects. (Authored by katsuko)
In which Beachcomber takes offense. (Authored by katsuko)
In which Skids offers an opinion.
In which Skids is devious for the forces of Good.
In which Optimus attempts to have a "talk" with Beachcomber. (Authored by katsuko)
In which what you don't know can really complicate things.
In which Red Alert isn't all that alert.
In which Meanstreak is damned good at what she does. (Authored by katsuko)
In which there is loyalty.

Nine Rings of Vos: Arcs 5-8


Nine Rings of Vos: Art and Gifts


So I figured that the Timeline was getting a bit unwieldy to have in every post. So I'll just be putting a link to this post at the top of each new entry from now on.

EDIT: Headers and chapter arc organization FTW!

EDIT 2: The Interludes are the bits that I'm not sure where exactly they fit. They're in a kind of grey area between arcs or they cover a period of time that fits into more than one arc. That being said, most of the Interlude pieces will probably be about the seekerkin stolen from Vos by the Senate and the Science Council. Hence the rather poetic title. I actually put in the effort and figured out where all the former Interlude pieces go in the Timeline. Go me. XP

EDIT 3: New section, Giftfics and AU's since I have had three of such shown to me in the last few days. I hope no one who writes such in my 'verse minds me putting them up here, but I'm really just reveling in my current popularity. XP

EDIT 4: Artwork section now up, since I seem to be slowly illustrating this gigantic thing. *sighs*

EDIT 5: Arc Summaries now included, with the Art and Gifts page separated onto its own post and the timeline is now divided in two.

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